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Personable, High Quality Vision Care
Family Eye Exams

For the past 30+ years, this family-owned business has been committed to delivering enhanced vision. We believe everyone should have the chance to have better vision. Using innovation, leadership, and a passion for perfection, Associates in Eye Care provides their communities with the highest standard of eye care available — because they love what they do.

Our independent, full-service practices have both ophthalmologists and optometrists to offer non-surgical and surgical treatments like cataract surgery, as well as strengthen poor vision skills through vision therapy. We also offer myopia control, treat a variety of ocular diseases, help manage diabetes-related vision problems, offer customized specialty lenses and dry eye treatment.

Our Advanced Services

We constantly curate and update our eyewear collection to stay in tune with fashion trends. We help our patients with personable attention to find the latest in frames & lenses, whether they are for protection (like sunglasses), or computer lenses, progressive, or you just need frames to suit your face. We believe that eyewear is more than just a medical device—it can boost confidence while changing your look.

Our Top Designer Frames

8 Locations—15 Passionate & Talented Doctors

Kevin Mysliwiec O.D.

Kevin Mysliwiec O.D.

Lindsay McKinley O.D.

Lindsay McKinley O.D.

Todd Overley O.D.

Todd Overley O.D.

Matthew Testa O.D.

Matthew Testa O.D.

Katy Wilson O.D.

Katy Wilson O.D.

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We Help Others See Better Around the World

Just Some of the Reasons
Why Patients Trust Us & Keep Coming Back

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The operative words here are 'comprehensive' and 'thorough'. From your eye examination through to an eyelash lift, we care about the details. We are small enough to have time for the little things that matter—and big enough to have all the high-end equipment to do a great job. Reminder - it is recommended to have a comprehensive eye exam every year.

Eye Exams

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80% of children's learning is visual, which means that if your child has poor visual skills, it may affect their ability to learn efficiently. Their eyesight can impact their focusing, reading, and processing abilities. Vision therapy can help strengthen those visual skills to help your child succeed!

Vision Therapy

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We proudly manufacture your lenses in our own lab to ensure the finest quality with the most technological features available—like computer glasses with blue light protection, or progressives with anti-glare. Drop in and we can review the benefits that these features have to offer you!

Virtually Try On Our Frames

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Not all exams are the same. Ours starts with a thorough examination to ensure you have the most up-to-date prescription and rule out any pre-existing conditions that could interfere with contact lens wear. From oddly shaped eyes needing special scleral lenses, we fit them all.

Contact Lenses

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Do you have any or some of these symptoms? Dry, red, sore or itchy eyes? Or perhaps you are tearing up often or have crusty eyes? Dry eye disease adversely affects one's quality of life. We can help by analyzing and treating mild to severe cases of dry eye syndrome.

Dry Eye Syndrome

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Managing ocular disease is just another facet of what we do regularly and love to do. We diagnose & manage ocular conditions such as presbyopia (for those having trouble reading), glaucoma, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and more.

Ocular Diseases

Designer Frames That Make you Feel like $100 Bucks

And that is because we are giving you $100 towards your second pair of designer frames. Looking good also helps you feel good and builds confidence. We are here to make sure that is the case.

Ray Ban
Mui Mui
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Alain Mikli
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Tom Ford

Ray Ban

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