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Katy Wilson O.D.

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Somerset, KY

Originally born a 12th generation Kentuckian, I grew up as a farm girl in central Indiana. I spent summers riding my horse all over small town Hope, bailing hay, bringing in the cattle when they got out, and working as a local dog bather in a salon. In high school I was on the rifle team, worked as a vet tech, and had a second job as a hostess.

Hobbies still include horses and the outdoors, but my biggest passion has always been showing and training dogs. I have competed with my dogs since I was 10 years old, and my husband and I are very active in several sports with our dogs. All of our dogs have been or are currently top 10 in their respective areas of expertise, and they all absolutely love what they do even more than we do!

My husband, Eric Wilson, and I also are blessed with a beautiful and sweet little girl, Avery. Avery enjoys the dogs and is a lover of all animals. Her favorite things to do, when not petting animals, are swim and run!

I became interested in optometry at a young age as well. I was blessed with a fabulous optometrist as a child, Dr. Neil Pence, who also happened to be the Dean of Students at Indiana University School of Optometry. Dr. Pence saw my father through his Keratoconus (a corneal disease), my sister through glasses and contacts, and my mother and I through Strabismus (commonly known as a lazy eye).

Dr. Pence was a major driving force in encouraging me to apply to optometry school, and I am forever so grateful to him for that. It was through IUSO that I learned of, and fell in love with, Pediatric Optometry and Vision Therapy. After my own experiences with my (now corrected) lazy eye, I am fortunately able to identify with others of similar conditions. I understand the struggles of these kids and adults, and I strive to help them achieve their full potential. I love seeing patients of all ages and conditions, but kids and those needing vision therapy will always be where my heart is!